Service 461 and 462 from 2nd October 2017

(Valid *from* 2nd October 2017)

Hereford-Kington-Llandrindod Timetable (pdf format)

Service 861 from October 2nd 2017

Kington to Hereford Service (Via Eardisley) on Hereford College Days ONLY

Kington-Hereford College Days (pdf format)

Service 41 from 4th September 2017

(Valid *from* 4th September 2017)

Kington-Presteigne-Knighton Timetable (pdf format)

School Bus Services are listed below.

School Bus Timetable
Whitney to Lady Hawkins School
Brilley to Lady Hawkins School
Presteigne to Lady Hawkins School

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