A Selection of our vehicles in various locations

M960 VWY after completing a school run to Broxwood

ML53 YKU in Sargeants Yard

R399 EOS in the yard at night.

S285 MGB in Kington

S361 AHC in the yard.

T74 JBO and S84 XCJ in the yard.

VA51 SAR - one of only 3 double deckers based in Herefordshire - on Mill Street, Kington.

W408 UCJ in Llandrindod.

Y876 PWT in Kington.

YE52 FHA near New Radnor.

YE52 FHA at Cross Gates near Llandrindod

YE52 FHA in New Radnor.

YE52 FHA at Weobley on an evening service.

YIL 1720 at the Rhydspence.

YN53ELC on Hay Festival Shuttles (c) Peter Relf

YN53 ELC in Sargeants Yard.