Example fares :- From 31st July 2017
Prices shown are Single/Day Return/Weekly (10 journeys for price of 7)

From Kington :-
Weobley 3.50/5.20/24.50
Hereford 4.50/6.70/31.50
New Radnor 2.00/3.00/14.00
Llandrindod 3.70/5.50/25.90

From Hereford :-
Lyonshall/Kington 4.50/6.70/31.50
Credenhill 2.30/3.40/16.10
Weobley 3.70/5.50/25.90
Llandrindod 5.20/7.80/36.40

From Llandrindod :-
Hereford 5.20/7.80/36.40
Kington 3.70/5.50/25.90
Weobley 4.20/6.30/29.40
New Radnor 2.90/4.30/20.30

Other fares :-
Hereford Railway/County Bus Station to Maylord Orchards/City Bus Station - 0.90.
Powys Network Rider (unlimited travel on day of issue within Powys and on journeys into Powys) - 8.00

For any other fares - please ask your friendly driver when boarding, or alternatively contact our office.

Adult fares are payable from age 16 upwards. Child Fares from age 5-15 inclusive. Under 5's free.

Child Fares are Half the Adult fare - rounded up to the nearest 5p.

Return fares (for adult's and children) are available for most journeys.

OAP's and selected other individuals with valid concessionary passes travel free (subject to conditions).

Hereford College Passes

Student passes for journeys to/from Hereford College are available at a discount to the adult rate. For the latest prices please contact our office.
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